About Wardrobe for Opportunity

Our Mission

Wardrobe for Opportunity (WFO) works in partnership with the community to assist low-income individuals in their efforts to Find a Job, Keep a Job, and Build a Career. 

Our History

Wardrobe for Opportunity (WFO) is a successful and growing 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers low-income individuals from across the Bay Area with acquiring interview skills, professional clothing and the career support they need to become economically self-sufficient.

Founded in 1995 to address often overlooked, yet critical barriers to finding and retaining employment, WFO has served nearly 30,000 low-income individuals referred from over 40 partner social service and job-training agencies across the Bay Area. Founded originally to provide professional clothing for women, Wardrobe for Opportunity has expanded to provide in-depth, 360 degree professional development for men and women. 

Vision Statement

Wardrobe for Opportunity will be the recognized leader in empowering low-income women and men to achieve economic viability. 

WFO is committed four strategies: 

  1. Expand client reach throughout the Greater Bay Area
  2. Continually engage constituents through multiple channels of communication
  3. Diversify funding sources to ensure stability and growth
  4. Create a culture that attracts and retains staff and volunteers that are passionate about WFO.

2016 Program Results 

  • 774 clients received professional attire for interviews and new jobs
  • Thanks to our corporate partners, 113 clients participated in informational interviews with top Bay Area employers
  • 602 people participated in one of our Professional Image Workshops
  • 90 days after receiving a full week worth of professional clothing, 70% of clients had retained employment
  • Six months after our Pathways course, 91% of graduates retained employment
  • Six months after taking Pathways, graduates average wage increased from $17,392 to $29,949 and their savings increased from $1,918 at program start to $3,333, a 74% increase
  • 100% of Pathways graduates felt the course improved their ability to set goals at 6 months 
  • 100% of Success Series graduates said the course helped them create a plan to achieve their goals at 6 months
  • Over 75 alumni attended Financial Literacy Seminars

WFO Staff

Board of Directors

WFO Annual Reports

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2010 WFO Annual Report

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