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Find a Job
Get prepared for the workforce with our job-readiness assistance.

Professional Interview Attire for Interviews

To inquire about receiving interview attire, please contact Belinda Mercado at 510-463-4100 ext. 216 or at

Image Workshops

To inquire about attending an image workshop, please contact Hank Ramirez at 510-463-4100 ext. 215 or at

Interview Workshops To inquire about participating in an interview workshop, please contact Hank Ramirez at 510-463-4100 ext. 215 or at

Keep a Job
Learn how to retain employment and advance on the job with soft skills training.

To help clients excel on the job, WFO offers an innovative development program – Pathways. Over six-weeks, clients strengthen their communication and conflict-resolution while learning critical teamwork skills and creating specific action plans to achieve professional success. Clients describe the program as an opportunity to turn their dead end jobs into possibilities and the beginning of their future. This program is offered at WFO’s locations and at partner sites for their clients and employees. To learn more about Pathways, please contact Julia McCotter at or 510-463-4100 x 214. To apply for Pathways, please click here.

Build a Career
Get the tools you need to get your career started.

Success Series 

Our three month Success Series couples education and relationship to give participants the tools, confidence, and support they need to transform their job into a career. The series features training, career coaching, and community mentors. Participants build a career plan and put in place the building blocks to achieve economic success.

To learn more about Success Series, please  contact Julia McCotter at or 510-463-4100 x 214. To apply for Success Series, please click here

Upcoming Program Dates

Alumni Workshops
Fall Credit and Money Management Workshop - Understanding Credit 
Date: November 2, 2017 
Time: 6pm-7:30pm 
Address: 570 14th St. Suite 5, Oakland, CA 94612

Pathways Sessions

Date:  October 2, 2017 - October 18, 2017
Days: Monday & Wednesday
Time: 3:30pm pm - 5:30pm
 8105 Edgewater Drive, Suite 100, Oakland, CA 


Success Series Sessions

Upcoming WEG Meetings


Upcoming MEG Meetings


2013 Client of the Year Videos

Patricia Reynolds-Meade (click on Patricia's photo to watch her video)

Vernon Robinson (click on Vernon's photo to watch his video)

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