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Professional Image Program

WFO hosts two private boutiques from which we and our professional stylists offer low-income job-seekers image workshops, professional clothing and professional image coaching to the men and women of our community. These services help our clients gain a more positive sense of self and empower them to become confident applicants and successful employees.

Interview Workshops
Another successful interview.Networks are critical to success – yet our clients report having limited or no professional networks. To help our clients connect directly with potential employers, WFO offers monthly corporate-sponsored interview clinics. These events provide the opportunity to practice interviewing with up to four different professionals who offer constructive feedback and help the client with their interview skills. Clients gains confidence in their interview skills and learn the importance of having a network to support them.

Mobile Boutique and Training Center 
WFO will pilot a unique 3 in 1 program model that addresses pertinent employment needs for low-income individuals. Participants will have access to interview attire, networking seminars presented by industry experts, and connections to Bay Area employers and technical education programs. The first pilot will be in Contra Costa County on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 and serve 40 people. Please download and submit the Mobile Boutique Client Referral Form to Belinda Mercado at


To help clients excel on the job, WFO offers an innovative development program – Pathways. Over six-weeks, clients strengthen their communication and conflict-resolution while learning critical teamwork skills and creating specific action plans to achieve professional success. Clients describe the program as an opportunity to turn their dead end jobs into possibilities and the beginning of their future. This program is offered at WFO’s locations and at partner sites for their clients and employees.

To learn more about Pathways, please contact Tamra Johnson at
or 510-463-4100 x 214. To apply for Pathways, please click here.

Success Series
In 2009, WFO launched a new program for specifically designed to break the cycle of poverty. Our three month Success Series couples education and relationships to give participants the tools, confidence and support they need to transform their job into a career. The series features training, career coaching, and community mentors. Participants build a career plan and put in place the building blocks to achieve economic success. 

To learn more about Success Series, please contact Tamra Johnson at or 510-463-4100 x 214. To apply for Success Series, please click here.

Alumni Network
Pathways Graduates.

Pathways and Success Series graduates represent WFO’s Alumni Program. Our Alumni program incorporates quarterly events, an online member directory, networking groups, bi-weekly support roundtables; Individual Development Accounts (matched savings accounts), and affordable career coaching. This Alumni program connects WFO graduates with each other and the resources they need to continue to advance their careers.

Men's Empowerment Group

In 2010, WFO clients formed the Men’s Empowerment Group (MEG), an organized group designed to be a  brotherhood of support. Based on models of accountability and problem solving, MEG builds leadership skills, encourages networking, and supports men to pursue their life passion. MEG also features guest speakers who share their professional expertise. MEG allows for members to express themselves in a safe space. It provides access to new ideas and relationships, and leadership qualities.

MEG meets twice a month (the first and third Thursday). To learn more about Men’s Empowerment Group, please contact Rich Harper at

Women's Empowerment Group

WEG meets once a month on the 2nd Monday. 

Upcoming Program Dates

Alumni Workshops
Fall Credit and Money Management Workshop - Understanding Credit 
Date: November 2, 2017 
Time: 6pm-7:30pm 
Address: 570 14th St. Suite 5, Oakland, CA 94612

Pathways Sessions

Date:  October 2, 2017 - October 18, 2017
Days: Monday & Wednesday
Time: 3:30pm pm - 5:30pm
 8105 Edgewater Drive, Suite 100, Oakland, CA 


Success Series Sessions

Upcoming WEG Meetings


Upcoming MEG Meetings


2013 Client of the Year Videos

Patricia Reynolds-Meade (click on Patricia's photo to watch her video)

Vernon Robinson (click on Vernon's photo to watch his video)

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